What is a Circular Economy?

Retaining values in an infinite way

Within a circular economy all the values of products and materials are retained in an infinite way. This means that sourcing materials need to be non-toxic and easily re-usable, but moreover also modular design that supports re-use and remanufacturing. Finally this opens up possibilities for New Business Models where multiple values are exchanged within new earning models and where chain collaboration is key.

In line with a circular economy products and materials need to be designed in another way using techniques that support flexibility in building environment. On each level of a building or construction element a circular economy will evolve, using techniques that fit with each other.


In this video of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation the concept of a Circular Economy is explained more in detail.

Re-thinking Progress: The Circular Economy YouTube play


Within MCT Mesh Construction Technology we use five generic principles for development of a Circular Economy: