Noise Barrier

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Noise Barrier

Noise barriers along transportation routes are applied for many years. MCT KNØP building system provides other possibillities than current noise barriers.

Fast Construction

By making use of KNØP system a constructive solid wall can be placed in a short time. When the steel frame elements are combined with mesh panels, this results in a sturdy solid construction which can be filled with rubble granulate.


The wall can be covered with creepers or succulents. Also other facing panels are possible, such as wood.

The system offers a lot of flexibility. Various heights are available, from 0.5 meters to 8 meters. The width of the wall is about 50 cm, but may be varied. Also, the width of the foot of the wall can be varied, depending on the situation.

…And when the barrier is not required anymore, it can be easily replaced for re-use somewhere else…


  • KNØP core system
  • Facing panels (several options)
  • Stabilizing foundation
  • Attachment anchors
  • Zippers
  • Floor panel
  • Filling material (several options)

The sound absorption is provided by a pack of rubble granulate. This is already a proven absorption technology. The innovative construction allows for more stability, a short construction period and can be disassembled and reused.
For the foundation several options are possible. For example, compacted and stabilized ground. But also Stelcon plates are possible, depending on the situation.


  • short construction time;
  • optimal noise absorption;
  • can be filled and covered with materials to your choice;
  • finish with natural vegetation is possible;
  • dismountable and replaceable (if required);
  • different working-outs, fitting with the surrounding;
  • sustainable.
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