Our Big Idea

Building on a circular platform

In a circular economy all the values of products and materials are retained in an infinite way. This means that sourcing materials need to be non-toxic and easily re-usable, but moreover also modular design that supports re-use and remanufacturing. Finally this opens up possibilities for New Business Models where multiple values are exchanged within new earning models and where chain collaboration is key.

In line with a circular economy products and materials need to be designed in another way using techniques that support flexibility in building environment. On each level of a building or construction element a circular economy will evolve, using techniques that fit with each other.

MCT fulfills this Big Idea in establishing a platform of circular building products around KNØP, where partners act together. The end-user can assemble and disassemble the products themselves without the need of difficult or additional equipment. You can enlarge it, move it, again and again. These products get more added value if we can combine this with other building products, such as walls, floors, roofs, installations, doors, frames, etc within the same philosophy.

We are looking for partners to build and develop such a platform together. Together, everyone’s product will be stronger and more interesting when it connects to another and can be combined.