MCT Mesh Construction Technology B.V.

“What if we can build and work like Lego, in a way that products are re-usable, re-placeable, expandable, re-cyclable in the same way as it is designed?”

That is exactly what we provide with the KNØP Building system!

With this vision in mind MCT Mesh Construction Technology B.V. was founded in 2014 and we developed the KNØP Building technique together with partners. And we are still developing it further, because possibilities and combinations evolve and are numerous.

Since then as a start-up MCT has developed the technique, the first products, the production process and the first applications of it in several markets. KNØP can be combined with several other building products to complete functionalities and performances, in a circular way. We are developing a circular platform of building products and techniques that fit within the philosophy of KNØP.

Our Big Idea

Management Team: an ideal mixture of qualities