Management Team

An ideal mixture of qualities

KNØP is developed by MCT Mesh Construction Technology B.V. owned and directed by Jan-Paul Kimmel and Jurjen Westra.

Jan-Paul Kimmel is Senior Consultant Circular Economy. It is therefore not surprising that he soon became very enthusiastic when he learnt about the sustainable solutions KNØP can provide. Jan-Paul is educated as a toxicologist/epidemiologist and is the strategic and conceptual thinker in the team.

Jurjen Westra encounters as a business consultant regularly issues in the market that ask for solutions that can be provided by the MCT KNØP Building system. He is an engineer and immensely interested in everything that has to do with building. Jurjen is the technical and commercial thinker in the team.

An ideal mixture of qualities to further develop the potential of the concept and the technique of KNØP.


We invite you to bring in your ideas and we would like to discuss the potential of MCT KNØP Building system for you.