KNØP Technique

What is KNØP and how does it work?

MCT KNØP building system is a sustainable, innovative and dismountable building technique that enables circular building. The core of this technique is a patented KNØP that consists of several steel wire frame elements in a zig-zag shape, which form a harmonica system that can be spaced in and out.

These frames can be combined with any facing panel that is placed over the loops and is attached using zipper rods (sandwich panels, wood,  mesh, vegetation, clay, etc.). The frame that arises can be filled with any (local) material like insulation, stones, mud, sand, debris, water, etc.

The system can be placed fast, mounted easily without special equipment, and can also be easily dismounted and transported compactly. Temporary and semi-permanent constructions can be dismounted to be replaced or reused. Permanent constructions can also be finished with paint or laminate.


Watch this video:

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