KNØP Bat Hotel

Artist impression

Temporary solutions for housing of bats

In the Netherlands, the bat is a protected species. Therefore, it is not inconceivable that demolition or construction processes can be delayed by the presence of this ‘inmate’.

We have developed a dedicated housing/wall together with an ecologist. This wall provides onsite temporary housing to the bat. The ‘bat hotel’ is a construction of MCT KNØP on which hang bat housing boxes.

The advantages:

  • fast mounting and dismounting of the bat housing wall;
  • dismountable and replaceable;
  • sustainable;
  • filling material is available onsite the demolition;
  • rehousing of bats that avoid delays in the demolition and building phase of new buildings.

Dimensions: cruciform construction, covers an area of 6 x 6 meter, height is 3,5 till 5,5 meter.