KNØP as part of Pavilion of Bouwlab Nijmegen

Frank Havermans designed and built the pavilion named KAPKAR/ SF – P7S as a temporary venue for the arts organisation Stichting Fabrikaat. Specific wishes were that the pavilion should have a striking appearance, be dismountable and transportable to their future location. For this project Frank Havermans collaborated with Mesh Construction technology B.V. that developed a clever building system called KNØP.

On July 2, the pavilion ‘KAPKAR / SF P7S ‘ will be opened and taken in use on Bouwlab Nijmegen, a site hosting a summer-long series of exhibitions, lectures and cultural events focused on alternative ways of building and living. Fabrikaat, based in the city of Nijmegen in the east of the Netherlands is specialised in organizing temporary place making projects. This summer they erected a small settlement along the new shaped river bank on the north side of the city to focus on alternative ways of building and living in a more self organised way and show it to a broader public.

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