How does KNØP fit with a Circular Economy?

KNØP: Adaptive product for changing needs

In the fast changing world we are living in, the economic lifetime of products and buildings becomes shorter. That’s because we need to update and change our wishes and requirements according to the fast changing (natural) circumstances. The MCT KNØP building system is an innovative system that enables new concepts for circular building. Because it is a flexible and durable system it fits with the increasing demand to develop adaptive products. The building system is suitable for utility and industrial building. Besides there are possibilities in civil engineering like quay walls,garden walls, revetments, embankments, noise barriers, (nature) screens, etc. Furthermore, the system offers opportunities for transitional housing, emergency housing and sheds. In short, the application possibilities are endless.


The power of the MCT KNØP building systeem in a nutshell:

  • Modular building
  • Temporary, semi-permanent and permanent constructions
  • Relocatable, re-usable, recyclable, expandable
  • Low transportation volume
  • Light weight materials
  • Fillable with local (waste)materials
  • Quick and easy mounting
  • Self mounting (if desired)
  • Relatively low costs


Eight strategies for a circular economy

The MCT KNØP Building system fits with eight strategies for a circular economy:

1. Dematerialization

With KNØP we are able to provide the maximum of strenght, flexibility and functionality with a minimum of structure, and therefore material. Like a normal brick wall, where we have removed the bricks and kept the structure. Additional functionality can be provided by combination with other products.

2. Impact reduction

KNØP building consists of pre-fab and modular components that are assembled like a harmonica system and. Therefore it can be transported in small transportation volumes and can be further assembled on location. In our sourcing we strive for a maximum use of recycled steel. Together with our manufacturing partner we are looking for further optimization of a sustainable production.

3. Design for flexibility and adaptation

KNØP means flexibility and adaptation! It is designed in a way that structures and all elements can be relocated, disassembled, replaced, re-used, expanded, combined etc., and without a need for any special equipment. Local people can build their own facilities. KNØP provides a structure that can be easily combined with other building elements. Like Lego!

4. Design for disassembly

Do we need to say more…?

5. Single assets, multiple values

Since KNØP can be combined with any other element, multiple values can be provided using one single asset. A KNØP noise barrier can provide strength, noise insulation and renewable energy at the same time by combination with solar panels. Our system can be combined with ‘green screens’ made of sedum, providing a green appearance, air quality and absorption of fine dust.

6. Procurement & Contracting

KNØP building system opens up possibilities for New Business Models like ‘use-contracts’  and leasing contracts. Since the KNØP system is so flexible it has several advantages for uses in temporary settings. The elements can also be relocated or re-used in another structure. This provides good opportunities to apply a use-contract above a sale. Only the provided functionality has a price, not the material.

7. Material & Manufacturing innovation

The material we use in KNØP is (recycled) steel, galvanized with for conservation. At this stage this is according to the requirements in the market. We strive to further optimize the conservation. In our manufacturing process we use benders that bend the steel wire in a structure frame. This can be further optimized to small-scale manufacturing on-site.

8. Recycling & Re-use

KNØP elements are designed for re-use. The material is made of steel that is already recycled worldwide to the highest level.