Flexible Housing

transhouse1Emergency Housing

With the MCT KNØP building system there are numerous opportunities to customize your home and to move. All components are dismountable and can be adjusted according to the specific requirements. It can be expanded, replaced, mounted elsewhere and can be re-used differently. The system can be easily mounted and dismounted by local people, without any sophisticated machinery or equipment. That is our philosophy!

MCT is currently developing emergency and transitional housing based on the MCT KNØP building system. The strenght is in currently in providing strong wall constructions. But it gets added value if we can combine it with other building products like facings, floors, roofs, installations, doors, window frames, etc. using the same philosophy.

Therefore we are looking for partners with building products that fit in the MCT KNØP system, or can be developed together. Working together makes everyone’s own product stronger and more interesting when it connects to another and can be combined.

Watch the video for an impression

MCT KNØP Noodwoning YouTube play