20160401_134403MCT KNØP Building system: unprecedented applications

The possibilities of the MCT KNØP Building system are numerous. When put into the market it appears that this product creates new ideas and new applications time and again. Unique characyteristics like:

  • the flexibility in choice of materials for filler and finishing the wall;
  • the compact transportation modes (the system is installed onsite);
  • the fast building method;
  • the possibility of dismounting;
  • the absorption characteristics of used filler material;
  • the scalability of the system;

it makes the applications versatile and unique. The so called Bat Hotel is a nice example. But also common building constructions like noise barriers or quay walls get a boost by the possibilities of MCT KNØP system. The system enables faster building with the use of local materials that can be found onsite or in the vicinity. Think of debris for the noise barriers of emergency housing or of sludge to be used in quay walls.



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